Free resources for families at home: Mother’s Day Card

This resource is aimed at kids working alone or helped by grandparents, dads or others in the family.  I will be doing it with my grandchildren via video call.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in the UK, so time to celebrate Mum!

Because of social distancing, children may not have been able to shop for gifts and cards this year.  Of course this would also make an Easter card – eggs instead of flowers…?

I’m no artist (as you will see below!) and I ran this up in about 3 minutes, but there are some lovely ideas online for home-made cards.  Click here, for example.

Make two folds in a piece of paper or card like this.
Make one cut from the middle of one fold part way across.
This is the only tricky bit. fold it into a double card, with the cut piece inside. Then fold the bottom of that part the other way, so the flowerpot sticks out. Crease along each side to give it a nice shape.
On some scrap paper do a zig zag fold and draw a flower shape on the top. Wonky circles would be fine. Now you can cut out lots of flowers at once.
Like this.
Colour your flowers and cut a few green leaves.
Use a glue stick to stick the flowers and leaves on.  Stick some to the inside of the card and some to the pot.
Stick the flowers to the card. I stuck some to the card itself and some to the pot.
You may need to trim the bottom of the pot flat, so the card will stand up. Write a message and decorate the front of your card. Give it to Mum as a mother’s day surprise!

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