Final FREE Educational Resources for The Glassmaker’s Children

Today I’m attaching the two final activity sheets based on my children’s novel The Glassmaker’s Children.

There are 16 in all – one for each chapter of the book – and you can find links to all of them in previous posts on this site.

Each is designed to encourage 8-12 year olds to read carefully, build literacy skills and find other ways of interpreting or reacting to the text and the ideas in the story.

The novel is an adventure story about changes.  It’s based around a boy called Stellan and his younger sister, covering the break-up of their parents’ relationship, their relocation to a new home and the ways in which both of them deal with the issues surrounding their feelings about their estranged father.  I’ve tried to tell the tale with compassion and warmth and to empower children to feel good about themselves and to recognise and celebrate their own inner strength as well as the power of friendship.  There’s a fair sprinkling of magic thrown in, too – the kind of magic we can all create when we learn a few simple tricks.

I hope your children enjoy the book and the activities.

Here are the links:

TGC chapter 15 activity sheet

TGC chapter 16 activity sheet

The Glassmaker’s Children FREE resources

Nearing the end of the set of activity sheets I’m creating for children, based around my first kids’ novel – The Glassmaker’s Children by Jan Stone.

There is (or will be, when I’ve written the last two) a resource sheet for each chapter of the book.  The one available here works with some of the many questions posed in Chapter 14.

Question, Stairs, Solution, DecisionThis is probably the most difficult chapter of the book as it explores philosophical issues that many adults may not have fully considered.  I hope that the text and the question sheet, used together, will allow young people to begin to formulate their own ideas about the key issues of life, death and all that lies between and beyond them.

Here is the link to today’s pdf sheet: TGC chapter 14 activity sheet

Two Free Educational Resources for 8-12 year olds

In today’s post I’m offering two activity sheets for kids who have been reading my novel The Glassmaker’s Children.

Scotland, Castle, Ruin, HistoricallyThese resources focus on Chapters 12 and 13 of the book and include suggestions for everything from English vocabulary building, through life skills for coping in a worrying situation to making a storyboard or a miniature garden!

The common theme throughout all of these activities is to encourage careful and thoughtful reading of a text, as well as skimming through it quickly to find specific information.  Both are useful life skills that will be vital as they move on through the education system and into the world beyond.

Copies of The Glassmaker’s Children can be purchased on Amazon as paperback or eBook.

Here are the links to the pdf files of the activity sheets, which you are welcome to share with friends, teachers or relatives:

Chapter 12 link: TGC Chapter 12 activity sheet

Chapter 13 link: TGC Chapter 13 activity sheet

Home Learning in Fiction and Life


Homework, Boy, Child, Student, LearningMuch of Chapter 11 of  The Glassmaker’s Children is about home learning, as the adults in his life sort out a programme of lessons for Stellan.  This has been (and continues to be here in England) a huge part of children’s lives over many months, so I thought it was important to add it in to the story, which was written in the summer of 2020.

I’m ploughing on with the free resource sheets based on the book.  The eBook is available free from Kindle Unlimited or for £2.25 on the Kindle app.  There is also a paperback version available.  See previous posts (below) for other free resources and feel free to share them with friends.

One of the activities in this FREE resource for 8-12 year olds invites children to reflect on their own experiences of learning at home. 

There are other ideas for engaging with the text – drawing a setting from the chapter, ‘deep reading’ for clues and inferences and exploring characterisation through adjectives.

A pdf file of the resource sheet is available at this link: TGC Chapter 11 activity sheet

Free Education Resources for Readers of The Glassmaker’s Children, Chapter 10

Once again, a free activity sheet for 8-12 year old readers of this book.  The link to buy the book in the UK is here: The Glassmaker’s Children by Jan Stone.   It can also be found as a Kindle or paperback edition on Amazon worldwide.

You will find similar sheets for the first 9 chapters in previous posts on this blog.

Fantasy, Child, Elf, Fee, Girl, CheerfulThis chapter, called The Dreaming Place, sees Martha, Ruby Rose and finally Stellan decide where to make their new home.  It also explores some of the enigmatic Misty’s theories.  She helps Ruby to imagine where she was before being born into her family – and leaves Stellan with many questions.

As well as inviting children to consider Misty’s ideas, this sheet lets them practise acting skills while trying out different adverbs, conduct a ‘scavenger hunt’ as they search for clues in the text and to find the key word in a paragraph.

The link to the PDF file is here: TGC Chapter 10 activity sheet

The Glassmaker’s Children – Chapter 9 resources

Welsh Flag, Drag, National Symbol, WalesBy this point in the story, the family find themselves in Wales.  Stellan’s discovery that in this place he is a ‘foreigner’ gives him a great deal to think about.

The free activity sheet invites children who have read Chapter 9 to consider Stellan’s thoughts, to explore his temporary new home and even to learn a few words of Welsh!

Follow this link to access a PDF file of the latest resource for 8-12 year olds: TGC Chapter 9 activity sheet

Free English Resources: Chapter 8 The Glassmaker’s Children

Boat Mooring, Pier, Web, Rope, WaterAnother in the series of Learning Resources, based on my children’s book The Glassmaker’s Children, which is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook format.

The suggestions on this sheet encourage children aged around 8-12 to develop their own story writing skills.  If parents or carers can spare a few moments to read their efforts, so much the better, but if your child would like you to email their creations to me at I would be very happy to read and respond.

Here is the link to the latest activity sheet: TGC Chapter 8 activity sheet

Squashed Chocolate: Activity sheet for Chapter 7 The Glassmaker’s Children

The free children’s resources linked to The Glassmaker’s Children by Jan Stone are available up to Chapter 7 now.    There is one sheet for each chapter and I’m adding to them as I get the chance.  See previous posts for the first 6 sheets.

Today’s activities include art work, a quiz, what school curriculums rather grandly refer to as ‘inference skills’ and a look at one of the strange ways in which English spelling and pronunciation behave.  The link is here: TGC Chapter 7 activity sheet

In case you don’t have a copy of the book or eBook, here is an extract which includes a description of ‘Chocolate Island’ – the tiny island in the river the family stops at to stretch their legs.   I’ve included it so that your child can enjoy activity 3 on the sheet.

Now Ma looked really worried and very tired, Stellan noticed.  She seemed to crumple as he watched and then she turned aside, which usually meant she didn’t want the children to see her crying.  Sure enough, her shoulders started to shake.  Stellan looked from one to the other of them and then around the tiny bump of land they had climbed on to.  It smelled damp and mysterious and was filled with winding tree roots, each one thick with moss.  At a different time, he’d have found it an exciting place to explore, but right now if felt unfriendly, unhelpful and disturbing.

Free activity resources for Chapter 6 of The Glassmaker’s Children

I have said from the start of creating these free activity sheets for 8-12 year olds linked to The Glassmaker’s Children that they are designed so that weary and frazzled home-schooling parents and carers can safely leave children to work through them at their own pace.  They don’t need marking and if your child is keen to show someone their efforts or ask for some feedback, I’m happy to put my many years of experience as a teacher to good use by taking a look and responding if you email any work they want to share to me.

Kid, Face, Little, Boy, Child, Big EyesThis particular chapter, though, may raise some issues in the minds of children who have experienced big life changes or a family split.

I have suggested on the sheet that if they feel they want to talk through their feelings or memories with someone they trust, they should do so.  Ideally, this could be a family member, but in my experience children often prefer to talk to someone outside the situation, for fear of upsetting the people they love.  In normal circumstances this is often a trusted teacher or teaching assistant.  These times are not normal, though, and if your family is currently in lockdown, with schools closed, that probably won’t be possible.  Perhaps there is a grandparent, aunt, uncle or a family friend they could chat to.  I’m just giving you a heads up here, so that if your child asks to have a phone call to one of those people in the next day or so, you can do your best to make that happen.

The link for the Chapter 6 sheet is here: TGC Chapter 6 Activity Sheet

The Glassmaker’s Children: Chapter 5 Activities

Cover of Jan Stone's bookI hope those of you who are downloading these free learning resources are finding them helpful.  Do let me know.

Today I’m publishing the activity sheet for chapter 5 of The Glassmaker’s Children.  Details of where to get the book and so forth are covered in previous posts.

This this the link: TGC Chapter 5 activity sheet

More Free Educational Resources

Artist, Book, Child, Color, ConceptA new week of home learning dawns for many families in lockdown.  And of course there are large numbers of people who choose to home educate all the time.

As a former primary and middle school teacher/English co-ordinator, I have decided to provide free activity sheets linked to my children’s novel The Glassmaker’s Children, which is available on Amazon.  They have been designed to get 8-12 year olds to delve into the text and think deeply about the story, while also working on some aspects of grammar and developing their own imagination. 

See previous posts (below) for the first three free printable sheets.  The file for the Chapter 4 sheet can be downloaded here:  TGC chapter 4 activity sheet

Please feel free to share the files with friends, family members or teachers who could make use of them and if your child would like to show me their work or get some feedback from the author, I’d be very happy to read and comment on what they have written.  Email contact is

Free Educational Activity Chapter 3

I’m delighted that so many people are downloading and using the FREE activity sheets connected to The Glassmaker’s Children.

Today’s set of English activities for 8-12 year olds relates to the third chapter of the book, which is called ‘Sorcery’.  The sheet includes vocabulary building, reading comprehension and suggestions for transforming one memorable scene from the book into other media forms.

If you don’t already have a copy of the book in paperback or on the Kindle app, you will need one for this and the remaining sheets, as the free extract on Amazon runs out after a paragraph or two of this chapter.

Look up The Glassmaker’s Children by Jan Stone in children’s books on Amazon.  Here are the links to the UK and US sites:

Amazon UK link (US) link

The following link will allow you to download a PDF file of the activity sheet.  TGC chapter 3 activity sheet

Do share it with friends, teachers or anyone else who could make use of it.  As always, it is designed for children to work through unaided, but I’ll be happy to take a look and comment on their work if parents wish to email it to me at .